Sheli & Adir

“And then we see a scene from a movie: 1,500 people under bullet fire, running, crying, falling.” Shelly Huisman, 22, and Adir Amar, 22, both from Petach-Tikva, spent time at Nova Festival. When the rockets started, they got into the car, turned on techno music and said: “Yes, we got out”! They quickly realized that the nightmare was just beginning. They found a hiding place under a huge bush, but the terrorists got there. “They were laughing and having a blast. A 13-year-old boy with flip-flops and a Kalashnikov stood over me and shot all over.” Miraculously they were saved. The day after the party, Shelly boarded a flight.

Interview: Leehou Talmor Photography: Gady Mizrahi and Tomer Shtiler Editing: Inbar Buchnik