Ron Segev

“And then a woman comes with a car and screams ‘They shot me!”’ And she gets out, legs bloody and covered in bullet holes, and I’m crying to my mom on the phone.” Bar Saban, a 20-year-old soldier from Kadmim-Tzur, fled the Nova festival with his friends. “I asked a nearby officer there what to do, and he said to me ‘I don’t know. Just run away.’ And then you realize that it’s all up to you.” After a long drive in the field under heavy fire, they decided to drive to a military base, but the soldiers knew nothing about the party and refused to let Bar enter. Finally, they were allowed in, “And then I hear from the guardhouse, screams of wounded people begging to let them in.” Bar talks about what saved him and his friends and what he still asks himself to this day.

Interview: Leehou Talmor Photography: Gady Mizrahi and Tomer Shtiler Editing: Inbar Buchnik