Yonatan Cohen

“When people ask me what I went through, I answer: ‘Have you seen a Holocaust movie? Multiply it by four.'” Yonatan Cohen, 26, from Beit Arif, was at a party in Ra’ayim. “Until 6:30, we were having the time of our lives.” right after he had to walk 30 kilometers under constant fire. “in my head, Tel Aviv was also under attack. I tried to overtake people so I wouldn’t be the first to die. I realized that it was everyone for themselves. I prayed like I’ve never prayed in my life and started saying goodbye on the phone.” He speaks about the horrors he saw along the way and believes that “there is still more time needed to process it.”

Interview: Leehou Talmor Photography: Gady Mizrahi and Tomer Shtiler Editing: Inbar Buchnik