David Bader

“There is the David that was before October 7 and there is the David of after. I am currently in a dream. Maybe at the end of the war, I will come back to reality… Maybe.” David Bader, 35 years old from the center of Israel, a medic and an ambulance driver for “Ihud Hatzala”, arrived at the entrance to Sderot and “came across piles of dead bodies. The whole road was littered with dozens of corpses. There was a dead soldier with his “Tzitzit” (Jewish prayer garment) and it broke my heart. I said to my friend: ‘I’m not sure I’m making it back home. Tell my wife and children that I love them. I tried to be there.'”

Interview: Lihu Telmore Photography: Gadi Mizrahi and Tomer Shtiler Editing: Inbar Bohnik